Virtualisation policy

Virtualisation platforms area unit accessible from a variety of vendors, however, it’s still essential to keep up your virtualisation surroundings to avoid uncalled-for resource consumption, out-of-compliance systems or applications, data loss, security breaches, and alternative adverse outcomes. This policy defines responsibilities for each finish users and also the IT department to make sure that the virtualised resources area unit deployed and maintained effectively

From the plan:

General rules
All virtual machines and applications area unit subject to constant policies as non-virtualized systems. Code repair, remote access, security measures together with however not restricted to putting in the digital computer security code, disabling shared or guest accounts, user account controls, observance and work, disk and network coding, backups, and alternative relevant policies should be followed for virtualised systems.

Separate policies could exist for heritage platforms or applications, together with proscribing network access.

Unless individually insured or snapshotted, no guarantee is formed for information recovery within the event of user error, hardware failure, or alternative disaster that renders the VM or host platform inaccessible.

User responsibilities

Users requesting new virtualised resources should convey the character of their must the IT department a minimum of one week before. Requests ought to give applicable detail regarding technical and business needs prompting the appeal. Request details should embody a schedule for performing arts backups if backups area unit required for your use case.

Users area unit subject to constant policies applicable to non-virtualized systems, together with security, web use, and information lifecycle practices. (See your organisation’s info security policy, if applicable.)

The ticketing system in situ for physical systems are going to be used for virtualised systems.

When a virtualised system isn’t any longer needed, users ought to inform the IT department. Therefore, these systems are often decommissioned to release resources.

VMs and applications related to specific staff (e.g., employed by solely these individuals) are going to finish off once the worker leaves. It’s the responsibility of managers to give notice the IT department approvingly or otherwise request information or applications preserved if needed.