The Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 is a full-featured Document scanner that provides many ways to check out and store your digital files. This is one of the best scanners 2019 on the market because of the big list of desktop and internet-based applications you can trade to, as well as the fact you can get those records on cellular phones.


The Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 is extremely simple to use and has several unusual checking choices. It instantly identifies papers alignment and turns records, such as checks, the right way up. It also eliminates empty webpages, straightens manipulated pictures and plants all records to their correct dimensions. In addition, the iX500 identifies invoices and credit cards instantly and can extract the details for invoice and phone data source. With this checking device, you can deliver finished tests directly to editable desktop applications, like Word, Succeed and PowerPoint, or you can deliver them to reasoning applications.

Scanning at a rate of 25 webpages a minute, the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 is one of faster scanner we analyzed. The automatic papers bird birdfeeder (ADF) manages up to 50 pieces of papers at a time.

With its lightweight dimensions, this papers checking device can quickly fit on a wedding celebration desktop computer or in a home company office. You can check out all the usual papers dimensions and types, such as invoices and plastic bank credit cards. The iX500 can also check out sensitive, oversize and older papers by using a service provider piece. For example, you can carefully flip a paper or a child’s attracting half and place it in the service provider piece. The iX500 tests both sides and instantly stitching the front and rear into a single image. It can check out papers comes up to 34 inches wide lengthy, such as EKG test results and especially lengthy invoices. Although the device is not specifically built to check out pictures, if you use a service provider piece, you can securely check out the images in your old photo collections at reasonably good quality.


While you can deliver your tests to many computer desktop applications, you can also immediate finished tests to reasoning applications and storage applications like Dropbox, Evernote, GoogleDocs, Sales force CRM, Sales force Gossip, SugarSync and SharePoint. No other checking device we analyzed has more location choices. You can also synchronize your Fujitsu ScanSnap Xi500 to any of your cellular phones to quickly recover records, no matter where you are.

The Fujitsu is losing some of the wired or transfer choices of other document scanners, like the NeatConnect. It has neither an SD card trade or an ethernet port.

Help & Support

There is a great deal of how-to books, case studies, tips, techniques, application details, detailed specifications, FAQs, and movies on the iX500’s product web page, and there’s also a ScanSnap community. However, there aren’t any obvious links to back up service. Fujitsu does provide immediate assistance for the iX500, but you have to go to the main Fujitsu web page to find get in touch with details. You can only get in touch with assistance with your questions using a form on the internet.

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Even though immediate assistance isn’t quickly accessible, the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 is one of the best document scanner we analyzed. It tests to numerous types of application, both on your desktop computer and in the reasoning. You can use it to check out credit cards into a message data source and financial details from invoices into tax applications, and it feelings the size and alignment of your papers so it can turn and plants accordingly. It’s a small and fast desktop computer checking device, and you can start tests from the device itself or from a smart phone or tablet. You can also see your saved digital records on any of your cellular phones.