With multiple decisions in each the present and former generation, choosing the proper camera from Canon’s Rebel line of entry-level DSLRs may be a frightening task. observing simply the most recent models, you’ll notice the Rebel T7 and Rebel T7i — 2 cameras that ar similar in name only and look, however very little else. And whereas the T7 is that the newer of the 2, it’s truly the lower-end model, employment previous technical school from last generation’s Rebel T6.

This comparison won’t be abundant of a contest because the T7i is clearly the higher camera in each class, however that doesn’t mean some users won’t be happier with the easier — and cheaper — T7. Here’s what you wish to understand concerning every camera, and what makes one value a $250 premium over the opposite.


Despite being the older model, the Rebel T7i is constructed around newer technology. It genetic a similar 24-megapixel device and 49-point optical device system from the venerable Greek deity 80D, one in all the most effective enthusiast DSLRs we’ve ever tested. It additionally uses an excellent newer image processor, the Digic seven, serving to to push low-light sensitivity to a brand new high of ISO fifty one,200 whereas achieving a most continuous shooting speed of six frames per second (fps).

Where the T7i affected United States of America nearly across the board for its numerous enhancements, the T7 offers very little within the means of something new. It did gain a 24MP device, however it’s not a similar unit because the one within the T7i and lacks twin element optical device (more on this within the video section below). It uses the abundant older Digic four image processor, that is just capable of pushing the ISO as high as twelve,600 — usable, however 2 full stops below the T7i. optical device is additionally underwhelming, with simply 9 points. As for the continual shooting mode? Well, it has one, however it makes due with simply three FPS, or [*fr1] the speed of the T7i.

Interface and property

External controls ar similar across each cameras, however the location of sure buttons varies slightly between the 2. The Canon T7i lenses additionally uses a completely articulating touchscreen, whereas the T7 includes a fastened screen that’s not bit sensitive.

On the package facet, the T7i offers one thing terribly unique: A guided menu system that Canon calls the Feature Assistant. it’s designed to assist get new users up and running as quickly as doable, and replaces the quality Canon computer programme with a simplified version that illustrates the various shooting modes with footage and plain-English explanations. It’s designed specifically for the bit interface, creating it terribly approachable for the new generation of photographers WHO grew up with smartphones.

Experienced users will flip the Feature Assistant off and also the T7i can revert to the quality interface, thus you’re not giving something up by having it. it’s a touch odd, however, that this feature failed to get incorporated into the lower-cost T7, because it would build the foremost sense within the hands of beginners.

Additionally, whereas each cameras feature Wi-Fi and NFC for connecting to Canon’s mobile app, solely the T7i incorporates Bluetooth. whereas Wi-Fi is often needed for truly transmittal photos, the Bluetooth association helps you to maintain a persistent association to the camera for exploitation your phone as a wireless remote while not having to travel through a Wi-Fi association method on every occasion.